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Lois M. Gackenheimer, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President
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2016 Strategic Plan
Message from the President to Staff and Faculty

This past year has marked many exemplary milestones for ANHO in its quest for excellence. To highlight a few; We have seen tremendous advancement in staff, faculty, and students, great strides in achieving excellent outcomes and expanding student responsibility for learning. These accomplishments have taken the energy, enthusiasm, time, and talent of each of you! You are to be commended. We have achieved and exceeded all of the COE Accreditation Standards and are now organized to make inroads into Nursing Programmatic Accreditation. Most importantly, your dedication to ANHO’s mission this year has held no bounds. You have cared deeply for our students and they reciprocate the caring for you. They are grateful for having you in their life to champion their success, mentor and coach them toward their life’s dream and lift their spirits with offers of hope and help when life events seem overwhelming to them.

We have many opportunities ahead of us as we face the ever increasing demands of legislators and regulators. The bar is constantly being raised and we must step up to the challenge. I feel confident that you are capable and eager to achieve the higher standards required of nursing accreditation. These higher standards will need to frame all of our activities and pursuits for 2016. Accomplishing this won’t come about without much effort, stepping out of our comfort zone and willingness to do things differently and immediately. Remember the longer we continue “sameness” we’ll get the same result, yet improvement is required immediately

*******Beginning today and every day moving forward in 2016. To accomplish our goals you will need to embrace the following eight tenants of successful people:
  1. Be an Expert, Coach & Mentor to ensure that students spend at least 30 hours per week outside of class on active productive learning, reinforced by using every moment of class time to its fullest.
  2. Lead by Motivating – Excite and ignite the passion for Nursing and learning so that students will be engaged in the quest for excellence. 78% should not be the goal… 100% needs to be desired.
  3. Be unselfish and modest – Take blame for things that go wrong but dwell only on the improvement. It’s not what happened that counts, it’s what you do about it that moves mountains.
  4. Be a true team member for if you truly believe that each of your colleagues brings value to the success of students, you will create a culture of caring among your team members. Imagine how much can be accomplished if only someone didn’t feel alone. Seek help and give help daily.
  5. Be genuine and communicate often - It’s far better to be honest and straight forward with kindness and caring than ignoring issues until they build almost beyond repair. There’s a solution to every problem, be part of the solution not part of the problem.
  6. Display Confidence in People – Students and co-workers will respond and won’t want to let you down. Remember though that proper oversight is a must! Abdication of responsibility doesn’t get things done, changed or improved, constant oversight; coaching and mentoring does.
  7. Measure and Reward Results – Far greater results come from rewarding the achievers and stressing the positive. Those who are underachieving or not compliant will be motivated to rise to the occasion too. Although some people may take longer to come around, deep in their heart they want and need to achieve success.
  8. Follow through on our commitments. Just as students must meet deadlines, so do we.

I am grateful to have each of you as a colleague and look forward to the many opportunities we will face together during 2016. We will be worthy of our college of Nursing status and will be proud to celebrate our achievements together ensconced in a culture of caring. May ANHO be blessed generously during 2016.


Dr. Lois M. Gackenheimer, RN
Executive Director / President


Find at least 10 different students each day and
  • Say something positive directly to them
  • Ask for opinions and value them even if you disagree
  • Show you care with interested active listening
  • Influence success by helping problem solve.  People appreciate meaningful change when they are committed
  • Clearly articulate even if you feel you’re repeating yourself. Just because you said it, doesn’t mean it was heard
  • Lead with Respect – That’s how you earn it
  • Use evidence to base each action and reaction establishing qualitative and quantitative measures to guide evaluation. Ask: As evidenced by what, when, where, why, how and how much?


To Teach - underprivileged, unemployed and underemployed men and women of Palm Beach County the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to be employed in the Healthcare Profession.

Contributing Objectives:

  1. To network with existing available resources in order to assist students in completing their education, and in obtaining and retaining employment.
  2. To meet the employment needs of the Healthcare Community of Palm Beach County by contributing to a well-prepared workforce.
  3. To offer healthcare employees continuing educational opportunities for keeping knowledge, skills, and competencies current in order to retain employment.


Because the student has a dream,
                  We have a job to do.
Because the student will care for patients,
                  We must protect the public.
Because the student has a choice,
                  We must be all that we can be.
Because the student has responsibilities,
                  We must be considerate.
Because the student is unique,
                  We must be flexible.
Because the student has high expectations,
                  We must excel.
Because the student is the future of Health Care,
                  We must seek continuous improvement.

The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations believes that any person willing to apply himself or herself can benefit from the education offered. Previous educational successes are not nearly as important as possessing a sincere desire to work and a commitment to help people who are sick, convalescing or dying. Love and compassion for one's fellow man, willingness to work hard, and an even temperament are essential and valued qualities in the Health Care profession and at the college. The belief that students can flourish and achieve anything they aspire to, given a caring, positive educational setting is the prevalent philosophy at the college and is the message behind ANHO's motto "Be all that you can be - Learn, Grow, Become."

The college has maintained the philosophy that in order to adequately prepare students and approve them as competent to deliver care, it is essential to observe their behavior, integrity, responsibility, dependability, and judgment over a prolonged period of time and during many hours of clinical practice in a variety of settings. Students begin and exit the program in groups, participate in community service projects, participate in student organizational activities, and participate in student government. An active volunteer program is also maintained. These activities are encouraged because the college maintains the philosophy that it is important for health care workers to have teamwork, organizational and leadership skills, as well as a commitment to serve the community.


Health Care Employers of Palm Beach County will look to Academy for Nursing and Health Occupationsas their preferred resource for employment and retention of their workforce and the residents of Palm Beach County will look to Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations as their preferred source of health care education.

Core Values:    ◊ Integrity    ◊ Respect    ◊ Commitment    ◊ Accountability    ◊ Caring    ◊ Teamwork


The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations prepares students for a healthcare career and, indeed, for life beyond. At a time when health care change is not only occurring more rapidly, more extensively and more substantively than ever before, respect for the individual, concern for others, responsibility and hard work continues to be themed through our pursuit of the intellectual and moral development of our students. In the face of these constant goals in a milieu of change, a strategic plan is required to help the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupation’s college community keep its aims for the future in view.

From its humble beginnings as a small one room, one program operation by volunteers, the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations has grown in 37 years to affect the entire healthcare community of Palm Beach County. In that time, the administration, faculty, and staff have assessed, in an almost continual process, the college’s situation vis-à-vis its mission and the components of the school’s internal and external community. A “Long Range Plan” has continually been evaluated and revised.

The strategic plan represents a roadmap into the college’s future so that everyone will know where the college is heading and why, and with that knowledge all elements of the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations’ community will work together with the greatest effectiveness.

As the strategic plan encompasses several years, the focus for consideration may change over time. Therefore, there will be periodic evaluations and revisions no less than on an annual basis.


Goal: It is extremely important to maintain the college’s physical plant in such a way as to continue to attract excellent faculty and students, as well as ensure that all users have the proper environment to fulfill their respective jobs and responsibilities in a safe, clean, and effective manner through 2025.

To achieve this goal the following objectives have been identified and will be evaluated annually
  1. To establish a long term secure lease
  2. To establish and maintain an environment conducive to learning and maintain the following including preventative maintenance measures for
    1. Lighting – Inside and outside lighting maintained with monthly preventative maintenance
    2. Parking – continue a satellite location for adequate parking as well as allow for growth of enrollment annually. Contract with local establishment for 75 parking spaces to be used in addition to the 100 spaces at present location.
    3. Educational Resources – Replace the server for a larger server. Obtain secured wireless for guest access. Upgrade and replace one piece of Simulator equipment annually. Upgrade from laptops to thin clients.
    4. Maintenance & Repair – Copier upgrade annually. Re-carpet/shampoo, paint, and repair during each college closing annually. Daily/weekly repairs as needed
    5. Office and Advisement Space – Provide office privacy and conference area for advisement
    6. Add another room of computers to keep up with the demand for online learning resources


Goal: To include diversity, and the entire Palm Beach County geographic area, with the goal of producing not only a successful student, but also a successful graduate, and employee through 2025.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives have been set and will be evaluated annually.
  1. Attract/recruit students from diverse cultural backgrounds who meet the elements of the college’s mission and admission criteria.
    1. Hispanic Latino students to be at least 10% of the college’s population
    2. Male students to be at least 10% of the college’s population
    3. Minority students to be at least 50% of the college’s population
  2. Attract/recruit students from a wide variety of geographic areas of Palm Beach County i.e. farming, urban, rural, township, unincorporated areas, including veterans. Advertise on local internet sites with banner ads.
  3. Serve the working PCTs, Rehab Assistants, LPNs and other Healthcare Employees of Palm Beach County to advance their educational level.
  4. Emphasize decorum & caring behaviors as a meaningful portion of preparation for a healthcare professional. This should encompass IPR skills, physical presentation, professional relationships, and following ANHO’s Code of Conduct and rules.


Goal: To provide classroom and clinical resources that will assist students of diverse needs and backgrounds to be successful annually through 2025.

To achieve this goal the following objectives have been set and will be evaluated annually. .
  1. Educational assessments will be used to identify resources that best provide students with opportunities to ensure successful entry into practice.
  2. Auditing ATI/HESI threaded through out the curriculum.
  3. Employer expectations solicited
  4. To establish an up to date library resources available daily.
  5. To provide for life skills, employment skills, decorum, and caring behaviors threaded throughout curriculum.
  6. To assure that student attendance at clinical practice meets state requirements.
  7. To map Student Learning Outcomes throughout the ADN Nursing Courses.
  8. To provide private, individual, and caring Academic Advisement for students.
  9. To obtain wireless access for student use throughout campus
  10. Constant oversight of Friday curriculum, attendance, and feedback, etc.
  11. Provide more computers to meet the demand for on-line learning resources
  12. Pilot curriculum changes in order to meet completion and licensure benchmarks for all programs
  13. Utilization of Sim Lab and skill demonstration to assist in student learning and outcomes


Goal: A student’s success is influenced greatly by the faculty. It is therefore incumbent on the institution to insure that it has qualified, motivated, knowledgeable involved and enthusiastic faculty in its employ. This is a requirement in order to achieve the goals of any educational endeavor, but most especially to achieve the goals of educating health care practitioners annually through 2025.

To achieve this goal the following objectives have been set and will be evaluated annually.
  1. To evaluate staffing levels and assignments monthly.
  2. To demonstrate progress in meeting Faculty qualifications for Nursing Programmatic accreditation.
  3. Faculty qualifications to meet National Institutional accreditation and State Standards.
  4. To evaluate classroom, clinical, and simulation faculty - teaching domains consistent with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Standards with appropriate measures taken for non-compliance including classroom, clinical, and simulation.
  5. To evaluate classroom, clinical, simulation, and online faculty teaching concepts - congruent with approved program curriculum adopted by faculty. Appropriate measures taken for non-compliance.
  6. To provide evidence of faculty development progress toward advanced degrees, scholarly work, and current evidence-based practice used as a basis for teaching.
  7. To evaluate curriculum following each cohort experience of success and progression to include online and on ground offerings.


Goal: To meet the needs of the community by fulfilling the mission of the college and meeting the goals of the overall strategic plan annually through 2025.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives have been set and will be evaluated annually.
  1. To collaborate and partner with Community Healthcare Agencies.
    1. To use a variety of 25 or more clinical training sites thereby increasing educational and employment opportunities for graduates
    2. To collaborate with local organizations that assist students/graduates to overcome barriers and become self-sufficient.
  2. To stay abreast of new trends in the delivery of health services.
    1. Attend healthcare meetings and Association functions to ascertain latest trends and needs
    2. Utilize members of the healthcare community in an advisory capacity so as to keep current with industry needs
    3. To survey alumnae and employers’ satisfaction levels and needs.
    4. To have a satisfaction rate of 85% or higher with employers and graduates.


Goal: To provide students and faculty with an environment of commitment to excellence annually and through 2025.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives have been set and will be evaluated annually.
  1. To remain current with issues that impact healthcare education and practice utilizing the following:
    1. Regulators and regulation
    2. Community Organizations
    3. Professional Associations
    4. Accreditors
  2. a
  3. To maintain a current curriculum and resources that are not more than five years old.
  4. To achieve the 2016 objectives that have been set and will be evaluated throughout 2016.
    1. Health Occupations and PN Divisions - Fundamental Nursing Skills improvement as evidenced by 85% or above pass rate on the National Exam
    2. PN and ADN Divisions - Student Achievement and outcomes Improvement as evidenced by the following for each cohort of students.
      1. 75% completion within 150% of program length
      2. 85% training related placement
      3. Meet or exceed the National Average Percentage for Passing NCLEX Exam


Goal: To critically analyze and modify the strategic plan annually so as to maintain a college of excellence at all times annually through 2025.

Progress toward the achievement of the Strategic Plan will be evaluated throughout the year using several methods and data collection tools culminating in the Annual Executive Director’s Report. Input toward this summary is received from faculty, staff, students, and employers via Advisor Meetings, “All Staff” Meetings, Management Meetings, and ad hoc committees and focus groups.

Once the Annual Executive Director’s Report is drafted, it is reviewed with the Management Team, Advisors, Faculty and Staff as well as evaluated by the Board of Directors. Consideration is given to the following:
  • Mission Statement
  • Student progress
  • Student input
  • Program outcomes
  • Employer input
  • Financial, physical, and human resources
  • Instructional and media equipment and supplies
  • Faculty improvement/input
  • Incoming and outgoing student needs
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Public and community relations/needs
  • Licensure pass rates
  • Accreditation status
  • Employment satisfaction
  • Results of Audits
  • Curriculum review / Staying current