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Lois M. Gackenheimer Richards, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President


Once the student is enrolled at ANHO, the active student file is kept in a locked, fire-proof file cabinet in the Records Department Office where Records Department staff are responsible for student records. Attendance and Grade Reports are kept on server and in Freedom. These records are only accessible to Records Department Staff, Deans and Directors.

Once a student is either graduated or withdrawn from ANHO, the student’s paper file is removed from the Records Department file, it is scanned into a permanent electronic file. A copy of the student’s permanent file is made and kept on the college’s server, with a separate full server backup updated daily. ANHO also uses a cloud back up for off-site storage in case of emergency. The permanent file includes, at a minimum, a copy of the graduate’s enrollment agreement, application, all final transcripts, diploma, program outcome, job placement information, high school diploma or equivalent (pre & post basic skills test scores for all students admitted who did not meet program admission criteria), record of receiving College catalogue, the Statements of Confidentiality and Responsibility, all disciplinary documentation leading up to termination or dismissal, and Academic Advisement forms. These records are maintained permanently. If a copy is needed, records personnel will make the copy, mark it copy and will return the original document to the permanent file.

In the event that a faculty or staff member must access a student record, they must do so in the office of the Records Department. Under no circumstances will files be allowed to be taken out of the Records Office.

In the event of a sustained college emergency, all student permanent records will be in the custody of the Florida Department of Education on a computer storage device.

For qualified applicants who are denied entry to this college, records will be maintained for at least one year in the Admissions Office.

Revised 02/11/2020