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Plan for the Ongoing Operation, Maintenance and Improvement of the Physical Plant and Distance Education Infrastructure

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that the physical plant including equipment, supplies and technical infrastructure are maintained and improved so that school operations will safely, efficiently, and effectively take place with a physical plant that meets the needs of its students, faculty, staff, local, state, and federal laws. The Executive Assistant is responsible for this plan.

Operating Plan:
2016 – 2023 Plan with landlord to renovate building and parking lot area to accommodate growth of the school

Objective: The Maintenance Plan is put in place to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the physical plant.

Pest Control:
  1. Quarterly air handling checks and repair – landlord
  2. Common area rest rooms check and repair – ANHO
  3. Building and grounds maintenance – landlord
  4. Quarterly elevator checks – landlord
  5. Pesticide treatments all around building – ANHO
  6. Preventive checks – ANHO
    1. Equipment – Bi-annually
    2. Fire Extinguishers –Annually
    3. Electrical Outlets – Quarterly
    4. Vehicles – According to dealer specifications and as needed
    5. Fire Inspection – Annually
  7. Pest Control – ANHOa.Monthly spraying of all offices and classroom by professional organization – fee for serviceb.Annually in-wall spray – fee for service
  8. Cleaning Services – ANHO
    1. Daily spills cleaned by staff and students
    2. Weekly and monthly general cleaning – fee for service
    3. Quarterly refrigerator cleaning
    4. Quarterly deep cleaning –fans, filters, and exhaust – fee for service
    5. Carpets steam cleaned or replaced annually – fee for service
    6. Linens collected weekly, washed, folded and returned within a week – fee for service
    7. Graduation gowns laundered after each graduation – fee for service

Improvement Plan:
2013   New atrium & stair flooring
   Re-carpet throughout building
   New classroom doors installed with peep holes
   New classroom desks and chairs
   New elevator motor installed
   Podiums & microphones in all classrooms
2014   Evaluation of Building preventative maintenance – all classrooms
   Lockboxes on Thermostats
   Housekeeping evaluation of services and improvement plan
   Heavy duty toilet flushers installed
   Carpets shampooed at each school closing
2015   New landscaping for building and parking lot
   Housekeeping evaluation of services and improvement plan
   Carpets shampooed at school closings as necessary
   Installed sound proof partition in Classroom #6 to accommodate 2 small groups or 1 large group
   Increase internet speed
   Installed outside doorbell for more security in evening hours
   Installed push locks on classroom doors for security/accessibility of students
2016   Evaluation of Building preventative maintenance – all classrooms
   Housekeeping evaluation of services and improvement plan
   Landscaping Update
   Replace computerized mannequin
   Wi-Fi throughout building
   Carpets shampooed at each school closing
   Server Updates - Weekly
   Off-Site Server Back Up – Contract with Microsoft Azure
   Local Full Image Back up
   Server maintenance – Nightly
2017   Expand Server Memory for Increased Storage
   Paint throughout building (doors & bannister)
   Replace carpet as necessary
   Update Server Software as needed to continue compatibility with Distance
   Education Software
   Update security software for server to include all student use and staff/faculty computers
2018   Evaluation of Building preventative maintenance – all classrooms
   Renew Building Lease
   Housekeeping evaluation of services and improvement plan
   Landscaping Update
   Carpets shampooed at each school closing
   Change locks throughout
2019   Replace computers and worn furnishings

The Executive Assistant will review the progress of this plan monthly. The Management Team of the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations meets at least once annually to review the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the physical plant. In addition, the Academic Dean/Assistant Academic Dean makes rounds of the school on a daily basis and obtain input from faculty and students. Their observations are referred to the Management Team for immediate evaluation and implementation where necessary.

Input is received from employers at the Advisory Meeting and progress of plan is evaluated and approved by the Board of Directors annually. The Executive Director evaluates all data on an annual basis and presents findings to all instructional personnel and administrative staff at an annual staff meeting via the Executive Director’s Annual Summary.

ANHO appreciates and utilizes input from both students and employees. The Management team reviews summaries of evaluations and reviews for effectiveness, revises plans, policies, and procedures as warranted. Current plans are posted outside the Media Center/Library for student and faculty access as well as on the ANHO’s web site. Policies and procedures are also reviewed annually and serve as a method of evaluation, input and feedback.