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Plan for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Student Retention in all Program

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that proper procedures are in place and followed to assure that effectiveness of student retention is evaluated for all programs. The person(s) responsible for coordination of student retention is the Academic Dean. The person responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of student retention is the Executive Director.

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of student retention within each program offered at ANHO from enrollment in the program to job attainment.

  1. Beginning the first day of classes, student retention is of the utmost importance to the faculty of each and every program at ANHO, therefore a long add/drop period is provided at no charge if student decides to withdraw within that period.
  2. The Academic Dean meet quarterly with faculty in an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of student retention. Student retention suggestions/revisions are implemented as necessary.
  3. At least quarterly, the Executive Director evaluates the effectiveness of student retention with the Management Team. If student retention begins to decline, an improvement plan is instituted in an effort to ensure satisfactory student retention rates as well as student satisfaction.
  4. Throughout each program, ANHO receives input from students who complete satisfaction survey. Students also meet one on one with Faculty at the conclusion of each term.
  5. If a student wishes to withdraw from class, the Academic Dean or Assistant Academic Dean will reach out to the student directly to understand the reasons they are withdrawing as well as to gain input.
  6. Faculty give input each year through faculty meetings with Deans, as well as annual faculty surveys and compares the retention rate to pre-set benchmarks.
  7. The Annual Evaluative Report which tracks and evaluates student retention is shared with faculty, staff and students annually. It indicates if benchmarks are or are not met.


The Executive Director is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of student retention in all programs offered at the school.

The Executive Director holds Management Meetings at least quarterly to review and evaluate in an effort to continually improve student retention in each program offered. Analysis and improvement plans will be initiated as needed.


The Academic Dean and Assistant Academic Dean will bring a summary of student retention to the Management Team on a quarterly basis.

By reviewing the student retention data, and student and faculty survey results, the Management Team will ensure that all improvements/appropriate revisions, if needed, have been put into place and the school’s expected outcomes are improving.

The Executive Director summarizes all data on an annual basis and presents findings to all instructional personnel and administrative staff at an annual staff meeting on the Executive Director’s Annual Summary. Additionally, the Deans utilize this data in both counseling instructors and for staff evaluation and improvement program outcomes. If pre-set benchmarks are not met, an improvement plan must be put in place and reviewed quarterly.

The Retention Plan is annually reviewed and revised by the school’s Advisory Council and Governing Board. It is available to all staff and faculty in their policy and procedure manual. Instructors share this plan with their students as they address employability and job placement activities. The management team uses feedback from students and staff and faculty when reviewing and revising this plan. All plans are publicly posted outside of the Media Center, school website, and server for all to peruse.

Revised June 2022