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Lois M. Gackenheimer Richards, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President
Policy for Instructional Equipment

Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations maintains a system for ordering instructional equipment and supplies as follows:

None of the institutional equipment used are deemed to be safety risks. No invasive equipment is used on humans. All sharps are ordered with safety covers and safety disposal systems even though they are not used on humans.

The Dean of Compliance orders any and all necessary equipment and supplies for new programs and on-going programs, as they are used, or deleted equipment for discontinued programs.

Monetary provisions are reviewed annually and as necessary for the purchase of new and replacement equipment according to this school’s Small Purchase Policy (included in ANHO’s Fiscal Policy & Procedure) Petty cash and expansion funds are maintained for any unplanned financial needs.

Instructional Supplies:

Supplies are located in several locations throughout the building for the convenience of the staff and faculty for Nursing as well as Health Occupations Students.

There are three closets that contain administrative/office supplies such as printer toner, paper, pens, writing pads, paper clips, etc. There is one located in the Financial Aid Compliance Assistant’s office in the Admission’s Area, another one in the second floor copy room (on the right as you enter door towards classroom #1) and one in the 2nd floor conference room area.

A CPR closet contains all the equipment/supplies needed in teaching these classes. Supplies such as ACTARS, disposable lungs, face shields, and bag masks are located in this closet (in front closet in Classroom #7).

A phlebotomy supply closet is located upstairs between offices 213 & 214. This area stores syringes, alcohol wipes, dressings etc.

Additional areas where supplies are located are: SimLab closet and graduation closet. Graduation closet houses all supplies, gowns, tams, gifts, candles, etc. needed for graduation ceremonies. SimLab contains four high fidelity Human Patient Simulators (adult, pediatric, newborn, and birthing mother). These simulators are used by Faculty and students for practice sessions for gaining clinical knowledge and skill as well as experience in critical thinking related to clinical scenarios. Also in the SimLab are laptop computers for recording nursing notes/plans. There are electronic med carts and computer carts to wheel from patient to patient in order to take notes. There are EKG training machines located in the SimLab. Supplies are stocked for demonstration purposes and are kept in the SimLab.

ANHO also has a Computer Lab and Library/Media Center which house laptop computers for student utilization for ATI, HESI, and EVOLVE programs, Electronic Health Records, research, clinical orientation, applications for NCLEX, employment applications and resumes as well as any other activities assigned by faculty.


As supplies and equipment are used and new items are needed faculty and staff notify the Dean of Compliance by e-mail.

If repairs are necessary, new equipment and supplies are procured to have on hand while repairs are made thus always ensuring materials will be available for faculty and student use.

Emergency purchases of equipment and supplies are procured on a daily basis according to the emergency purchase policy (located within the Fiscal Policies and Procedures). All management personnel are authorized to procure in an emergency situation.

Inventory of all equipment and supplies is taken annually every summer and is completed in one day. (property control procedures – Fiscal Policies and Procedures)

The Assistant Director is responsible for maintaining this policy, evaluating it and revising it as necessary. The comptroller is responsible for reconciling inventory for fiscal purposes.

All plans are publicly posted outside of the Media Center, school website, and server for all to peruse.

Revised 02/26/2020