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Lois M. Gackenheimer Richards, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President
Plan for Job Placement Follow-Up Services

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that proper procedures are in place and followed to assure that placement follow-up services are both systematic and continuous for one year following exit from ANHO. All students will be assisted with job placement and job retention. This will be achieved with guidance and assistance from their Instructor/Employment Counselor and the Job Development Placement Counselor. However, no guarantee of placement will be implied and there will be no charge to the student for such services. The person responsible for coordination of all follow-up activities is the Job Development Placement Counselor.

Objective: To assist every student to attain a training-related placement and follow up during the first year post training.

  1. Following training completion, the Instructor/Employment Counselor continues the placement process by contacting each graduate quarterly if they are employed and contacting the employer periodically to update information and assist the new graduate in adjusting to the workplace. For graduates not employed by graduation, intensive job search assistance continues until employment is obtained. This process continues for 30 days for Health Occupations Programs, 90 days for the PN Program and upon graduation from the ADN Program. At the end of this time period, the Placement Book and its contents are turned over to the Job Development Placement Counselor who will continue to follow for a period of one year post training completion, and subsequently, whenever a prior student is seeking a new job.

  2. For non-completers, the student information portion of the program outcome is completed by the Dean/Assistant Academic Dean as well as currentemployment information. The Dean/Assistant Academic Dean is responsible to verify and complete current employment information, including employer name, address, phone number, start date, hourly wage/number of hours worked per week, position, what form of written verification was received. Once complete, the Dean/Assistant Academic Dean forward the outcome to the Registrar for recording. Registrar will then disburse copies to distribution list.

  3. Once Program Outcomes are complete and information verified, the Dean/Assistant Academic Dean forwards the dropped students’ entire employment packet including a copy of the completed program outcome from the Placement Notebook to the Job Development Placement Counselor. Job Development Placement Counselor will immediately begin to contact students on a monthly basis if currently employed or assist them in obtaining training related employment for a period of one year post student’s last date of attendance.

  4. If a non-completing student is not currently employed, this is notated in the placement notes. They will be contacted at least monthly in an effort to obtain and verify employment and to stay in close contact with the Job Development Placement Counselor.

  5. For students who successfully complete training at ANHO, as jobs are attained, the Job Development Placement Counselor will document such on an outcome form which will be retained in the student permanent file. Job Development Placement Counselor will collect employment information from graduates and employers as well as utilizing Alumni Satisfaction and Employer Satisfaction Surveys. A copy of all program outcomes for Palm Beach County CareerSource students will be disbursed to Dean of Student Services. Job Development Placement Counselor will continue follow-up and assistance for one year following completion or termination for all students.

Person Responsible: Dean of Student Services


The Job Development Placement Counselor collects Alumni Surveys and Employer Surveys from completers of each program. These surveys focus on program effectiveness for various modes of delivery and relevant job requirements.

The Dean of Student Services will receive monthly employment verification and survey information reports from the Job Development Placement Counselor. The Dean of Student Services will bring this information to the quarterly Dean Meetings and the monthly Management Meetings to review and evaluate in an effort to continually improve the quality of each program offered. Analysis and improvement plans will be initiated as needed.


The Dean of Student Services will bring a summary of all data to the Management Team on a monthly basis and the Dean Team on a quarterly basis.

By reviewing the placement statistics and results of alumnae and employer surveys on a monthly basis, the Management Team will ensure that all improvement programs, if needed, have been put into place and are improving the school’s expected outcomes.

The Executive Director summarizes all data on an annual basis and presents findings to all instructional personnel and administrative staff at an annual staff meeting on the Executive Director’s Annual Summary. Additionally, the Dean and the Dean of Student Services utilize this data in both counseling instructors and for staff evaluation and improvement program outcomes.

This plan is annually reviewed and revised by the school’s Advisory Council and Governing Board. It is available to all staff and faculty in their policy and procedure manual. Instructors share this plan with their students as they cover employability and job placement activities. The management team uses feedback from students and staff and faculty when reviewing and revising this plan. All plans are publicly posted outside of the Media Center for all to peruse.