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Lois M. Gackenheimer Richards, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
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Please Note: "Official" transcripts will not be given to nor mailed to the student.

Records Department staff will be assigned custodial responsibility for student files and records which include grades for all tests and coursework at the School. He/She will keep such active files in locked fire resistant file cabinets. All coursework grades and testing grades are kept electronically on the school’s server and are backed up nightly. In order to protect student confidentiality, student records may only be accessed by the Records Department Staff, Deans and Directors. It is strictly prohibited to remove any of these documents from the school premises. If a faculty or staff member needs to access student records, they must access them through the Records Department staff who will only allow access on a need to know basis and only within the Records Office. If a copy is needed, Records personnel will make the copy, mark it copy and will return the original document to the permanent file.

All student record requests, not including unofficial or official transcripts, will be answered within two business days/48 hours only after grades have been submitted and deemed final. The Records Department staff will mail the requested information to the student/graduate or the student may personally pick up the requested records by providing identification.

Once graduated or terminated, and all financial obligations have been met, a student may request official transcript be sent to another entity. Requests for official transcripts can only be answered after grades have been submitted and deemed final. The student must sign the appropriate release. The sealed, embossed, stamped and signed official transcript will be sent directly to the entity involved in a sealed envelope. or through an encrypted email to official colleges/universities or State Boards of Nursing. Official transcripts will not be given to nor mailed to the student. No information will be released from this School to any other parties without proper student authorization. There will be a $5.00 charge for each official transcript requested.

Copies of diplomas are not considered official documents and will not be provided; however, students may request a new diploma at a $25.00 charge.

Students will be provided with a Grade Report at the end of each term at a minimum.

If students wish to have information exchanged back and forth with employers, the appropriate release forms must be signed, i.e. for the school to give information and for the school to get information directly to and from employers.