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Plan for Maintaining, Replacing and Disposing of Obsolete Equipment

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that appropriate equipment is available and in good working order for students and faculty to achieve the objectives of each program offered including on line courses. The Executive Assistant is responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment. The Executive Assistant will utilize the service of contract help as needed.

Objective: To ensure that equipment is readily available for all constituents use as needed to support successful achievement of objectives.


On a daily basis, any maintenance problems noted when faculty and staff are using equipment will be brought to the attention of the Executive Assistant immediately. In addition, the designated Fire Department Representative will perform biannual preventative maintenance checks.In the event that any materials/equipment are in disrepair either on a daily basis or at the biannual review, a timely report will be made to the Executive Assistant who will evaluate and plan when repair or replacement will be made. If the Executive Assistant is not available, the Executive Director will be responsible to take the necessary action. Secure disposal of equipment will include witnessing the destruction of all private information prior to equipment disposal.

Equipment to be reviewed bi-annually by the Executive Assistant is generally electrical in nature. Whenever this equipment is found to be in disrepair, the above stated procedure will be followed.

In the event repair or replacement can not be accomplished immediately, the reciprocal lending agreement plan will be implemented so that there is no waiting time for utilization of safe and effective materials. These reciprocal relationships exist with the Accelerated Business Solutions and the School’s Advisory Facilities.

Once replacement is deemed necessary, the items in disrepair will immediately be disposed of. The Controller is in charge of verifying actual disposal and revising inventory list of capital equipment.


Student/Faculty evaluation of equipment is summarized by the Executive Director. Suggestions for upgrading are reviewed by the management team and implemented as appropriate. Input is received from Advisory Council and progress of plan is evaluated and approved by the Board of Directors Annually. The Executive Director evaluates all data on an annual basis and presents findings to all instructional personnel and administrative staff at an annual staff meeting via the Executive Director’s Annual Summary.


ANHO appreciates and utilizes input from students, employees, and advisors. The management team reviews summaries of evaluations and reviews/revises plans, policies, and procedures as warranted. Policies and procedures are continually updated as it is considered a work in progress. All plans are publicly posted outside of the Media Center for all to peruse as well as on the college’s server.