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In order to stay current, the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations' Executive Director and Faculty will use the following methods to ensure that subject matter is up to date and appropriate for student learning:
  1. Make every effort to attend regulatory meetings and updates.
  2. Subscribe to and read current nursing journals.
  3. Use the latest text editions.
  4. Belong to networking organizations.
  5. Keep personal CE's and continuing lifelong education up to date.
  6. Use Library, Institutes of Research Data, Internet Reports and Federal Register Reports.
  7. Base curriculum upon the framework of the Dept of Education and the Board of Nursing.
  8. Belong to professional organizations/Associations such as FNA, Sigma Theta Tau, FAHSA, FAPSC
  9. Participate in Industry meetings and updates.
  10. Keep faculty library and resources current and circulate new information and material as it'sdiscovered, borrowed or rented.
  11. Health Service Practitioners and Providers will be invited for a guest lecture series in an effortto keep current with new trends and advances.
  12. Those Instructors who already possess Baccalaureate and/or Master's Degrees, will pursue generalcontinuing education courses.
All of the above will then be compared to the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupation's program outlinesand program content. The faculty will then be responsible for updating the curriculum.