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Lois M. Gackenheimer, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President
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The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations will make every effort to offer students a safe secure environment in which to study and learn. The college will not tolerate any incidence of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking. The standard of evidence used will include a preponderance of evidence in order to determine if such incidents occurred and will lead to termination from the college.

  1. Students are not allowed on the college premises prior to 7:15 AM nor after 11:00 PM Monday through Thursday or before 7:15 AM and after 5:00 PM on Friday unless there is an Instructor present and permission is granted. This includes student organizations and activities Under no circumstances will there be a college sanctioned activity on or off premises without an Instructor present to be in charge of safety and security.
  2. If it is dark when students are entering or exiting the college or clinical facilities, students will travel in groups. If a student is late and alone, contact an Instructor who will arrange an escort to cars and buses.
  3. At clinical facilities and on field trips, Instructors will always be the first to arrive and the last to leave in order to assure that everyone is safe and accounted for. Attendance sheets will be used at all times.
  4. Instructors will insure that first aid equipment and phone availability will always be arranged for.
  5. Instructors will incorporate the location and use of fire extinguishers, equipment and disaster/evacuation procedures into orientation for the college and clinical facilities.
  6. Students should not bring valuables to college or clinical facilities; however, in the event of lost or stolen items, students will complete an incident report with the assistance of an Instructor.
  7. In the event of any emergency or criminal action, the student will report to an Instructor immediately. The Instructor will complete a report for the President's immediate knowledge.
  8. The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department will be contacted to investigate any and all criminal activity and the college will prosecute, if indicated.
  9. Students will be informed of all emergencies and criminal actions so that plans for their safety can be made.
  10. Students have the responsibility to immediately report any unusual event to their Instructor who will take immediate action and then will utilize the chain of command immediately.
  11. A thorough investigation and then disciplinary action, and termination if warranted, will ensue when a student is involved in any wrong doing.
  12. When class is in session, classroom doors are kept locked.
  13. Faculty/Students should be aware of the emergency telephones in each classroom to call 911 if needed.
Safety /Primary Prevention and Awareness Programs
Materials and information will be made available to students and faculty at orientation, in the Media Center and from Instructor/Counselors on these topics:
  1. Sexual Assault awareness, reporting, and prevention.
  2. Domestic Violence, dating violence and sexual assault
  3. Preservation of Evidence
  4. Crime Prevention programs
  5. Victims options/procedures/advocacy
  6. Drug and Alcohol programs
  7. Mental Health Assistance
  8. Witness Protection
  9. Harassment and Stalking
  10. Legal Aid & legal definition of consent
  11. Rape, acquaintance rape
  12. Abusive Behavior
Each student is assigned an Instructor/Employment Counselor who will be available to assist with any of the above. Telephone requests for student phone numbers or whereabouts will not be honored for their protection. Name and numbers will be taken and then the student may call back if they wish. Visitors must give their name and wait in an area for investigation. No acknowledgement will be made as to if the individual inquired about is or is not a student. If a student does not wish to see the visitor, the visitor will be asked to leave and forcibly removed by police if necessary.

Campus Crime and Security:
There has never been a crime at the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations, where there is evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. There has never been a crime at the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations involving a weapons violation, arrest for drug abuse, liquor laws, murder, forcible or non-forcible sex offenses, or aggravated assault. A current crime statistic chart is available at the Main Office of the college and will be distributed to each student and employee October 1st of each year. To obtain information about registered sex offenders in the local area, the following website may be utilized: