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Lois M. Gackenheimer, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
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Student Updates

August 29, 2018 
Course Numbering Change - Bridge
Effective 8/28/2018 some of the ADN course numbers have changed, but the courses themselves have not been altered in any way. Please see the table below for reference.

General Education Term 16 WeeksGeneral Education Term 16 Weeks
MTB1103 College MathMTB1104 College Algebra
SPC1017 CommunicationsSPC1017 Communications
PSY2012 Intro to PsychologyPSY2012 Intro to Psychology
ENC1101 College WritingENC1101 College Writing
MCB2010 Biology (Micro)MCB2001 Biology (Micro)
Pre-Requisite Term 16 WeeksPre-Requisite Term 16 Weeks
BSC2086 Anatomy & PhysiologyBSC2086 Anatomy & Physiology
BSC2086L Anatomy & Physiology LabBSC2086L Anatomy & Physiology Lab
DEP2004 Human Growth and DevelopmentDEP2006 Human Growth and Development
PHA1141 Dosage CalculationPHA1141 Dosage Calculation
PHA1142 Pharmacology and Medication AdministrationPHA1142 Pharmacology and Medication Administration
Introduction to Nursing 16 WeeksIntroduction to Nursing 16 Weeks
HO1025 Contemporary NursingNUR1025 Contemporary Nursing
RN RoleRN Role
HO1023 Health Care EssentialsNUR1023 Health Care Essentials
HO1023L Health Care Essentials ClinicalNUR1023L Health Care Essentials Clinical
HO1024L Health Care Essentials SkillsNUR1024L Health Care Essentials Skills
Nursing 1 Term 16 WeeksNursing 1 Term 16 Weeks
NUR2213 Nursing Concepts 1 ANUR2212 Nursing Concepts 1 A
NUR2213L Nursing Concepts 1 A ClinicalNUR2212L Nursing Concepts 1 A Clinical
Medical Surgical Nursing 1Medical Surgical Nursing 1
NUR2261 Nursing Concepts 1 BNUR2521 Nursing Concepts 1 B
NUR2261L Nursing Concepts 1 B ClinicalNUR2521L Nursing Concepts 1 B Clinical
Mental HealthMental Health
Nursing 2 Term 16 WeeksNursing 2 Term 16 Weeks
NUR2420 Nursing Concepts 2 ANUR2420 Nursing Concepts 2 A
NUR2420L Nursing Concepts 2A ClinicalNUR2420L Nursing Concepts 2A Clinical
NUR2712 Nursing Concepts 2 BNUR2214 Nursing Concepts 2 B
NUR2712L Nursing Concepts 2 B ClinicalNUR2214L Nursing Concepts 2 B Clinical
Medical Surgical Nursing 2Medical Surgical Nursing 2
Nursing 3 Term 16 WeeksNursing 3 Term 16 Weeks
NUR2950 Integration, Personal Family and Community HealthNUR2951 Integration, Personal Family and Community Health
NUR2950L Integration, Personal Family and Community Health ClinicalNUR2951L Integration, Personal Family and Community Health Clinical
October 25, 2017 
Addendum to Catalog for ADN 20, 21, and 22:
Effective October 25, 2017, Healthcare Essentials and Contemporary Nursing will have the following pre-fix:
HO1023 Healthcare Essentials
HO1023L Healthcare Essentials Clinical
HO1024L Healthcare Essentials Skills
HO1025 Contemporary Nursing
August, 2017 
All VA students eligible for the post 9/11 GI Bill can obtain and print certificate of eligibility and find their education enrollment status
February 2, 2015 
Due to a change in current parking needs for the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations in the evening hours, the shuttle service will end at 6:00pm Monday-Thursday. This change will take effect on Monday, February 2, 2015 and will remain in effect until further notice. Therefore a car parked in the ANHO alternate lot will need to be relocated to the College parking lot prior to 6pm.

At this time the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations’ Faculty, Staff, and Students have the opportunity to park in the white parking spaces located around the next door building (5114 Building) on the campus parking lot ONLY after 5:00 pm.  Please be mindful that this is an opportunity that we have been afforded and must be perceived as a privilege. Because of this opportunity ANHO expects that all Faculty, Staff, and Students will embody the characteristics of the Professionals that you are; therefore, there will be zero tolerance for unruly behavior. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to throwing any and all trash on the ground anywhere on the campus parking lot, loud boisterous behavior and demeanor, and disrespect for others.

Please also be aware that the Shuttle hours are subject to change as deemed necessary.

An audit of Friday attendance over the last year has shown that students have not been using the Friday resources through the entirety of the evening hours (9am-7pm). Because of this audit, ANHO has decided to change the Friday hours. This change is effective January 30th, 2015 and the Friday Learning hours will now be scheduled from 9 am-5pm. ANHO will close every Friday at 5pm.

January 2014 Come visit the Library!  Now open 1pm to 6pm, Monday through Thursday.

October 2013 ANHO would like to welcome Dr. Gary Reardon, DNP, PhD, RN, CNOR, as the new Academic Dean.

October 2013 Dr. Mark Adduci is heading up the Friday Learning Opportunity Lab for all students. Keep a close eye out for the Friday schedule of classes which will be posted soon in the Vending Room.

03/05/2013 UPDATE!!! NEW Requirements of the Florida Department of Health, Board of Nursing for all CNAs, LPNs and RNs in the State of Florida!

02/27/2013:  Palm Beach County Library System and Its Consumer Health Information Service Provides Excellent Medical and Health Resources for Nursing students.