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Lois M. Gackenheimer, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President
Employee Orientation Policy
Each new employee will be offered a comprehensive, flexible orientation to their job and to the school with consideration to their learning needs and the complexity of the job.

In general, during the first 90 days (the probationary period) most orientation to daily routines takes place, however many functions that occur monthly, quarterly, and annually will take the full year before new employees have enough experience to feel job mastery.

At a minimum, new employees will be oriented to

Job Description
Policies and Procedures
Other employees and their responsibilities
Safety/Security/Accident Prevention and Management
Disaster Evacuation Plan
Day to Day Routines and Reports
Documents of Importance such as student file contents, mandatory forms, etc..
Learning Resources
Media Center Resources
Community Resources
Licensure & Accreditation Standards
Handbooks & Catalog
It will be the supervisor's responsibility to assure that each employee has received a comprehensive orientation and ongoing guidance.

During the first few weeks, new employees should be assigned a daily guidance contact with no responsibility other than strictly to learn.

As the supervisor and the employee feel comfortable with capability, more and more independence will be arranged so that the new employee eventually reaches independence and mastery of the job.