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Lois M. Gackenheimer, PhD Ed, MSN, RN
Executive Director / President
Orientation Schedule for all Faculty
Employee Name: _______________________________________

Job Title: ____________________________

Employee Start Date: ____________________________

The following checklist is expected to be complete during the Employee’s 90 day probationary period. Priority 1 and 2 are designated as a guideline to assist in the coordination of each faculty member’s orientation. A probationary period is generally considered a 90 day period, but may be extended for good cause. The new employee and the individual orienting are to initial beside each item covered.

Priority 1New
Review job description/expectations of position  
Review and understand policies and procedures as job necessitates (including location for reference, general, personnel, fiscal, QA, catalog, safety and security, disaster evacuation plan, and handbook)  
Mission and Philosophy of college  
Receive keys and supplemental paperwork  
Licensure and accreditation standards  
Review and understand HIPPA as it relates to students and colleague confidentiality of information  
Review code of conduct, civility, and use of internet policy  
Introduction to staff, faculty & environment (inc: location of supplies, bathrooms, closets, all other job descriptions, inventory)  
Receive assignment for employee mentor and begin to get acquainted with mentor  
Review Faculty Development plan and materials for effective teaching and learning  
Benefit accrual, benefit options, retirement investment, payroll process, time sheets, direct deposit, school closing  
Review retention strategies and Satisfactory Progress policies  
Overview of continuing education paperwork for the Board of Nursing  
Overview of Continuing education requirements for the Department of Education  
Overview of Curriculum  
Review 22 Basic Skills/Steps and process used for testing as applicable  
Review e-books and orientation to online teaching as applicable  
Review learning objectives, syllabus, lesson plan and resources for effective teaching and learning  
Domestic violence policy, procedure, and educational module  
Attend online certificate classes as necessary  
Review time off requests, instructor evaluation of clinical sites, roster/attendance, Academic Advisement form, student evaluation plan, student clinical evaluation, progress notes, time sheets, student orientation paperwork  
Clinical training site orientation  
Overview of clinical training site contracts, requirements, instructor paperwork, EHR  
Review of how clinical training and Simulation Lab enhances curriculum  
Review of clinical site rotations for particular program  
Familiarize class format and teaching techniques  
Process for student discipline and applicable policies and procedures  
Review exam process, grading system, exam retake process and procedure  
Become acclimated with the school’s server – review of presentations, videos, teaching tools  
Become acclimated with school’s email system  
Review Policies and Procedures – location of policies on server, general, personnel, fiscal, quality assurance, catalog, safety, security, disaster, evacuation, testing, grading  

Priority 2
Review individual accreditation standard/self-study material  
Observe and learn admissions procedures: customer service, greeting and phone servicing, daily routine of front desk position, program offerings, and opening and closing procedures  
Review of questions asked on a daily basis and resources needed by support and services division  
Review of college offerings (WIA services, employment services, support services)  
Review recruitment process and admissions testing  
Learn location of the records department and understand how student files are kept and the contents of each student file  
Review attendance and grades inputting procedures, transcripts, and diplomas  
Review State/National testing procedures as they relate to the Records Department  
Review grants and student funding sources  
Review of admissions criteria and process for admissions acceptance for each program  
Review of importance of attendance for midpoint evaluations and student monetary status  
Review process of equipment and supply requisitioning and procuring  
Request for Purchase Orders (P.O.) and approvals as necessary  
Job placement requirements and importance of job placement as well as job placement forms and reports  
Orientation to media center/library, learning resources (ATI, Evolve, HESI, CINAHL, Nursing Journals, and Library Catalog  
Review makeup time, Media/Library resources and Friday Learning opportunities  
Program syllabus review  
Regulatory and accreditation agency requirements and standards  
Review inspirational and motivational techniques for student retention  
Orient to student Academic Advisement  
Review of HOSA and student community service requirements  
Become acclimated to the Freedom software used for tracking students – understand how software is used for admissions, financial aid, records, grades, attendance, and placement  
Peer review of classroom and clinical performance  
Policies and procedures for Friday Learning  
State and National testing and administrative guidelines for testing  
Review classroom schedule and learn where changes are posted  
Responsible for classroom/clinical duties  

Supervisor guidance as necessary: Notes/ Comments:

Orientation and Probationary Period Complete Satisfactorily :

Supervisor Sign and Date